Friday, March 19, 2010

Dian Chect are teh shiznitz

What have we been at for the last couple months? A few things to say the least, we've one completely finished new song done, hopefully many more to come. Unfortunately we've been pulling out of/ turning down gigs to avoid overplaying same set/venues and to concentrate on writing new material/ recording for a couple of things we've got planned over the next few months.
Our last gig until the Summer is gonna be at an IMRO Showcase gig down in the rebel county, so head on down if you can at all, promises to be a good one!

The gig up in Galway went great, those S.H.!.Theads are great craic! Hopefully we shall be playing them again when we hit the giggin circuit properly once more.
I'm trying to think of what other shit we've been upto, but coz I'm a lazy bastard with updating this I've forgotten what we actually have been up to......

The new ASIWYFA EP is great, I advise on your purchase of it, a long with a load of other great music I've been catching up on recently, like Tubelord and Rolo Tomassi and The Cast of Cheers.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Another One Down

First and foremost, we've finally started making headway into some more new material! Huzzah!
Fuck knows when we'll actually finish a song or two, but it's a start!

Our return visit to cork with the KVX girls was a roaring success, good crowd, good sound, great night, many many thanks to Daire for the use of her house for us to bang out a quick practice!
And sorry to Neill who I drunkenly confused with his bad!

Then, we head our first of many gigs to come with Kyon in Bakers, twasn't a bad night at all! Support was provided by Stone Throwing Youths, and I was very pleasantly surprised! It can be tough for a two piece guitar/drum band to really 'bring it' live, but they did a damn good job!
It was great to see Kyon live again, its been a few months, and god love Shane Talty he went as mental as ever. If there's one thing I can say its: 'DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR'
confused? I hope so.

Next up is our second visit to Galway with the lads and fellow exclamation mark utilisers 'So Hardcore It's Terrifying (S.H.!.T)', in The Cellar this coming Sunday, mad looking forward to that one! So hopefully we'll see a good few Galway heads there!

Au Revo!r


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's try that aga!n

Well this has fallen by the wayside the last few months, sorry bout that! Let me give ye an update as to what has been happening! A few weeks ago we had our first visit to gig in Galway, with the lovely lads from Adebisi Shank in Kellys, which was a great time! Hopefully we get to play with them again soon.

Shortly after that we were down in the Quad in Cork with Hooray for Humans for a bit of a Christmas bash, another great night, gin was consumed in unpleasant quantities, but oh well. Always love playing Cork!

Over the holidays we stuck around home for an all ages gig in the Youth
Centre on Christmas Eve Eve, which was fun, its not been longer than a year since we last played there, but it still felt like getting back to our roots a little bit. Then on Stephens Night, we had a rager in Brandons, lotsa bodies, and loud music with us and the debut gig of another band I'm in with my two good friends Paul and Brian, El Casa Roca! I was fair wrecked after that one! Shitload of fun though, as I'm sure anyone who was there will testify to.

Then after another drunken few days we stumbled in 'Two Thousand and Tin'. Our first gig of this new decade was on the 7th of Jan in Baker Place, and despite a few technical difficulties with synths and a noticable lack of donk on what would usually be the most donk fil
led portion of our set, people seemed to have a good time, and we gave it socks anywho. The lovely lasses in KVX were fantastic, and I was delighted to see them again after not seeing them for over a year. Also playin were The Zeroes, charming bunch of lads!

That gig is the first of many lined up between now and April, in between a tour with Kyon, and a mini tour with KVX, we'll be working hard for a while. Next up is a return visit to the quad on Friday next, the 15th, which is going to be great fun, and hopefully we'll see as many of you Cork heads there braving the freeze. G'luck now!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

!t's over!

Well that brings an end to our accidental two county tour! Ill start from where I left off.....stop two this week for us was the strange experience of a sixteenth birthday party, with a drunk thirteen year old wanting to be our singer, and being rather insistant about it!

Then we had a couple days off before pulling a rager in Brandons with Stay Out Of Malibu, Vox Populi and Kyon, great night! Near fights, free drink and a late bar. Good stuff. Highlight of the night, Eoghan wandering around mouldy, wearing a cape and a lovely tweed hat.

Then we hopped on the train down to Limerick for the Elk album launch, unfortunately, even though it was a Saturday night, it was just one of those nights and the crowd was a bit sparse.....
Elk were fair good though! Made a new fan of me anyway! And I'm still not sure how I made it through the set without throwing up/passing out on the kit, Saturday morning hit me hard....

Then today we had the final call at the End of Exam Bash at the Ennis Youth Centre, where we started out :) good day, except for the fact that the lovely outdoors gig we were having was cut short by some bitch who complained because the loud music was disrupting her fucking snobby ass barbeque, oh nobody was happy about that..... grand aul gig though!

Now we have a week off before headin back down to Baker Place again to make some noise with Kyon and Laminate Reno again on Saturday, so come have some beers with us!


Monday, June 15, 2009


Well it seems I havent already gotten bored of this!

Just arrived home after an extremely fun gig in Baker Place, Limerick, with Laminate Reno and My Mothers Son......Woa-holy shit. The boy and gals of Laminate Reno are fast becoming real good friends of us C!ties boys and I advise anyone to check 'em out if ya ever get the chance. I have to say the exact same of My Mothers Son, and Dempsey learned never to challenge Ennis people, as he went half the set minus his pants. Good Stuff.

We had a fuckin blast too, even though I'm nursing a blister the size of fuckin Tipp. Never thought there'd actually be a crowd that big on a Monday night! And we'll be back there again on Saturday to tear it up.

All that being said, I'm tired and I have some Sopranos to watch, g'luck!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Beginning............

I've decided to succumb to the internet sensation that is blogging and start C!ty Blog, a blog generally based on the antics of the band C!ties, of which I, Ian, am the drummer, without any conferring with Sean or Eoghan. It's secondary purpose is for me to give out about things that I don't like. Hopefully the lads will approve also and contribute.

Basically the status of C!ties at the moment is that we're gigging the fuck out of it and writing new stuff as we go, hoping to record a substantial amount of material sometime over the Summer.

We're having a fucking great time with this band, going strong for well over a year now, and thanks so much to all the support we've gotten in these particularly busy past few months, the definite highlight being our gig with And So I Watch You From Afar and maybeshewill in Baker Place a while back. The two bands are huge influences of ours and it was beyond amazing to get the chance to play with them and discover that they're all absolutely lovely people! So a big hello and thanks to any of those varied band members should they happen upon this blog, hope the new albums are doing as well as they deserve to.

All that being said, I reckon it'll just about pass for post number one. Hopefully I won't get bored as fuck in about twelve minutes and never write on this damn thing again.